[Radio-announce] CCB will be streaming its convention starting tomorrow and extending through the weekend

Larry Turnbull kc8phj at bellsouth.net
Wed Apr 10 19:23:14 EDT 2013

Hi all,

It gives me great pleasure in announcing that the California Council of the
Blind will once again be streaming its spring convention.

The coverage will be streamed on ACB Radio Live Event.

To get to Live Event do the following:
Go to http://acbradio.org.
Then click on "Listen to ACB Radio".

On that page just scroll down with the heading key for your screen reader
until you come to the Live Event Heading.
Directly under that heading you will find the links to the Live Stream

Also if you have the latest version of the ACB Radio Tuner which is version
8.0 all you have to do there is open the tuner and click on the Live Event

If you don't have the latest version of the tuner yet be sure to get it or
the streams won't work if you try to launch them with any tuner version
older than 8.0.

To get the tuner go to http://acbradio.org and click on the downloads link.

The tuner is the first item you will come to in the list of downloads.

Be sure to keep this stream handy even after the CCB convention as we will
be streaming yet another affiliate next weekend.
Yes you heard correctly!
ACB of Nebraska will be streaming its convention next weekend.

Stay tune for more information on Nebraska.

The following is the list of events that CCB will be streaming this weekend.


All these times are Pacific Time

Thursday, April 11, 2013

1:00 PM Technology Committee. Tahoe/Shasta. Louis Herrera,

Chair and Roger Petersen, Vice Chair. Technology Program.

Technology Program

1:00 PM "What Can Dolphin Do for You?" Mark Gibbons, Sterling Adaptives,
Dolphin West Coast Representative; Mark will introduce various accessibility
products offered by Dolphin Oceanic. Come out and learn more about supernova
and Guide, the menu interactive interface that can make computing fun and
easy for all. For additional information about Guide, especially for people
with low vision, see the 

2:00 PM "How does Adobe make PDF easy to work with Accessibility?" 

Peter Devasto, Adobe Products, Accessibility Manager.

Peter Devasto will talk about Adobe's commitment to making PDF documents

accessible. He will also demonstrate the accessibility features built in to
the Adobe Reader and Acrobat.

Friday, April 12, 2013

9:00 AM Committee on Access and Transportation (CAT) and California

Council of Citizens with Low Vision (CCCLV) Joint Session.

Tahoe/Shasta. Eugene Lozano, Jr., Chair, CAT. Bernice Kandarian, President,

9:00 AM opening comments from Eugene Lozano, Jr., Chair,

Committee on Access and Transportation and Bernice Kandarian,

President, California Council of Citizens with Low Vision.

"Update on Accessible Prescription Drug Labeling Efforts after

Passage of the FDA Safety and Innovation Act", Mitch Pomerantz,

President, ACB. Pasadena, California.

For a number of years, the American Council of the Blind was aware of the

problem facing blind/visually impaired people in being unable to read


information contained on prescription drug labels. We had heard of

members who inadvertently took the wrong pill or an improper dose of


Knowing that the majority of individuals experiencing vision loss do so in
their 60's and beyond, and that these individuals are also experiencing
other limitations which can affect cognitive and physical functioning, ACB
believed it was long past time for all prescription drug information
available to the sighted public to likewise be made available to those of us
with little or no vision.

Our efforts commenced in 2011 and resulted in the introduction of

legislation which ultimately was incorporated into S 3187, The Food and

Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act. The bill was passed

by Congress and signed into law by the President on July 9th, becoming

P.L. 112-144.

What has come out of ACB's successful advocacy effort is the Work Group


Access to Prescription Drug Label Information under the auspices of

the United States Access Board. The purpose of this working group is


develop best practices on access to information on prescription

drug container labels for individuals who are blind or visually


Our charge was to develop such best practices no later than one year

following enactment of the statute; meaning that by July, a document


pharmacies to ensure that blind and visually impaired individuals have

safe, consistent, reliable, and independent access to the

information on prescription drug container labels" will be available to

the public.

The statute also makes clear that such best 

practices are not to be considered accessibility guidelines or standards of
the Access Board.

The presentation will provide a progress report of the activities of

the work group and what is the future in the development of successful

labeling in prescription containers.

9:35 AM "California High-Speed Rail - Easing 

Access while Ensuring Worker and 

Passenger Safety" Jon Tapping, Risk 

Manager, California High-Speed Rail 

Authority, Sacramento, California.

Join California High-Speed Rail Authority Risk Manager Jon Tapping

as he gives us an update on the history making high-speed rail

project slated to begin in the Golden State's Central Valley. It's

touted as the largest infrastructure project in the U.S. Tapping


explain what's being done to make the system safe for construction

workers who will build it, maintenance and operation

employees who will run it, and passengers who will have to

navigate through high-speed rail stations before boarding a

train that zips them to their destinations at speeds up to 220


10:05 AM "Past Present and Future of the California 

Commission on Disability Access." Stephan 

Castellanos, Executive Director, California 

Commission on Disability Access, 

Sacramento, California.

The presentation will cover the role of the California

Commission on Disability Access. What were the issues that created

the Commission, what has it done and where is it headed. 

10:35 AM "The Evolution of Elevators and the 

Technology of the Future". Joseph J. Armas, 

Modernization Product Manager, North

America, Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Brandon Castillo, Product Manager, KONE, Allen, Texas.

Mariah Martino, Otis, Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Ed Persico, District Manager, Northern California District, Thyssen

Krupp Elevator Corporation, San Leandro, California.

Nicole Saloio, Manager - Manager Sales Schlindler Elevator

Corporation, Morristown, New Jersey.

What are destination dispatch elevators? 

Destination Dispatch is an advanced dispatching 

system that directs passengers to the elevator 

that will get them to their destination in the 

shortest travel time. By grouping people 

together based on the floor they are traveling 

to, the number of stops is reduced, thereby 

improving the efficiency of the building's 

elevator traffic. The panelists will give a presentation

updating attendees to new developments that have occurred in the last

five years in the use of destination dispatch elevator technology. 

The elevator industry's panelists are investigating how systems that use

touch screen technology can be made accessible to blind and visually

impaired persons and are seeking your input.

1:30 PM First CCB General Session. Tahoe/Shasta. 

Donna Pomerantz, CCB President presiding.


Pledge of Allegiance.

1:40 PM Welcome to Sacramento, John Franklin, Jr. 

Chief, Disability Compliance Program, 

Compliance Office, Sacramento County. 


1:50 PM "Pursuing Employment, Independence, 

and Equality for all Californians with 

Disabilities" Anthony Sauer, Director, 

California Department of Rehabilitation, 

Sacramento, California, Joe Xavier, Deputy 

Director, Specialized Services Division, 

California Department of Rehabilitation, 

Sacramento, California, Elena Gomez, 

Assistant Deputy Director Specialized 

Services Division, California Department of 

Rehabilitation, Sacramento, California.


IMPAIRED from the California Department of 

Education Linda Wyatt, Special Education 

Consultant, Policy and Program Services 

Unit, Special Education Division, California 

Department of Education, Sacramento. Jonn 

Paris-Salb, Education Administrator I, 

Clearinghouse for Specialized Media & 

Translations, Sacramento, California.

Learn about these valuable resources in this presentation: Tools

such as IPADs and other 

pieces of assistive technology needed for educational purposes

may be provided for using Low Incidence funding. Public schools may

receive books in braille, large print, audio, or a variety of file

formats. Agencies and districts providing education for students

that are legally blind may receive tools and materials valued at

over $300 per student if registered.

3:20 PM "Social Security Act Provisions that pertain 

to persons who are blind or visually 

impaired" Tatyana Kalachik, Technical

Expert SSA Sacramento, California. Janet 

Manukyan, SSA Technical Expert, 

Sacramento, California. 

The presentation will cover disability requirements, work rules,

IRWEs and BWEs, earnings limits, Medicare entitlement.

4:05 PM Adjournment.

7:00 PM Second CCB General Session. 

Tahoe/Shasta. Eugene Lozano, Jr., CCB First 

Vice President presiding.

7:05 PM Remembrance of CCB members who have 

passed away since the Fall 2012 Conference 

and Convention.

7:15 PM Credentials Committee Report, Pamela 

Polagi, Credentials Committee, Temple City, California.

7:40 PM "Gift of Life." Deanna Santana, Sr. Public 

Education Coordinator, Sierra Donor 

Services, Sacramento. Sandy Nelson, 

Donate Life Ambassador and kidney 

recipient, Treasurer, Solano County Council 

of the Blind, Vacaville. Sam Ramos, Director

of Ocular Services for Sierra Donor 

Services, Sacramento.

Part 1: Organ and Tissue Donation. Who can donate, what is the

process and who is affected by it. We will share facts and statistics

and share the personal journey possible through transplantation.

Part 2: Corneal blindness is a highly treatable 

condition made possible by the generosity of 

donors and the advances in cornea 

transplantation technology. The indications for


transplant range from patients affected by infectious processes

to traumatic injuries of the eye. Full thickness cornea transplants have

been successfully performed for over 70 years in the US, but advances in

transplant technology allow ophthalmologists to focus specifically

on the affected layers of the cornea to cure blindness. New research in

the field shows promising new treatment options for 

reversing some forms of corneal blindness with minimal surgical


8:10 PM CCB Legislative Report, Jeff Thom, Chair, 

Governmental Affairs Committee, 

Sacramento, California.

8:40 PM American Council of the Blind Report, 

Mitch Pomerantz, President, American 

Council of the Blind, Pasadena, California.

9:10 PM President's Report, Donna Pomerantz, 

President, California Council of the Blind,

Saturday, April 13, 2013

1:30 PM Third CCB General Session. Tahoe/Shasta. 

Roger Petersen, CCB Second Vice President 



Presentation of the colors.

1:45 PM "Accessible Home Ownership for People 

with Disabilities and their Families" Stephen 

Beard, Realtor & Accessibility Specialist, 

Better Homes & Gardens Mason-McDuffie 

Real Estate, Berkeley.

Disability is NOT a barrier to finding and owning your own

home! Attend this presentation to learn all about buying a home when

dealing with disability, including sections on how to find

accessible property, how to find the appropriate Realtor, how to buy

a home with a very small down payment and limited income, and how to

buy a home while on Section 8 housing assistance.

2:15 PM 2013 Mutt Strut Report.

2:35 PM Constitution and By-laws, and Conference and

Convention Program proposed changes 

for annual Conference and Convention.

4:00 PM Adjournment.

7:00 PM The CCB Banquet. Tahoe/Shasta. Banquet 

Emcee, Frank Welte, President, San 

Francisco Chapter. 

Don't forget the winning tickets for CCB Sweepstakes will be

drawn at the Banquet, along with other raffles and prizes. In


CCB awards will be presented. There will also be special

entertainment that will be sure to keep 

you in good humor. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

8:30 AM CCB Business Session. Tahoe/Shasta.

This final session will include: 

CCB Treasurer's Report and reports from the Constitution and

By-Laws Committee, Resolutions Committee, as well as reports from

other CCB Committees as time permits. The meeting and the Conference

and Convention will adjourn at 12:00 Noon.

Happy listening!


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