[Radio-announce] Head for the hills! The Stash is back This Coming Monday!

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Sat Apr 13 10:38:51 EDT 2013

I let the cat outa the bag a little earlier than planned. I'll
actually be back this coming Monday morning, April 15th.

After a protracted outage caused by more stupidness than you have time
to hear about, your Monday morning Internet radio wake-up call is back
and rarin' ta go! Join me at 8:00 Eastern, 5:00 Pacific, high noon
Universal time, for your weekly dose of wackiness, world-class
weirdness,Big Apple street noises, barking pugs, ringing phones, and
every other kind of nuisance-generating interruption you can possibly
think of, jammed in among three hours of the best music from the
1960's and 1970's your radio ever played!  Each week, I get out the
long-handled music shovel and go digging deep into my "secret stash"
of rarities, one-hit wonders, things you know about, things you don't,
and things you need to. I unfreeze 'em and reprise 'em every week at
this time, and all of it's available for your listening pleasure on
demand and by request! I feature double- and triple-plays, music
ladders, groups of songs on a particular theme, whatever I, or you,
can come up with.

So, as they used to say, wherever you are, at home, at work, or in
your car (LOL), take the Secret Stash with you around the house or
around town.

You can find the Secret Stash on ACB Radio Interactive and the
World-Wide Legend, and you can find both of those fine establishments
on TuneIn Radio on any iOS or Android device.

So, no matter whether your Monday comes up aces or deuces, you have no
excuses not to listen, 'cause you never know what you might be
missin'! The best way to turn Monday into Funday is to have a laugh,
sing a song, get everybody in the office to sing along, to all your
forgotten favorites on the Secret Stash, Monday morning, 8am Easern,
on ACB Radio Interactive and the World-Wide Legend!

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