[Radio-announce] Did ya think I forgot? The Stash Never Forgets!

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Sun Dec 22 23:49:05 EST 2013

The Secret Stash is open Monday morning as always between 8 and 11
Eastern Time on ACB Radio Interactive and the World-Wide Legend. Wake
up with three hours of forgotten favorites by request with me every
Monday morning. Are you on Christmas break from work or school and
haven't had the chance to hear the Stash in action? Then let tomorrow
morning's program be an introduction to you of some of the widest
choices in vintage rock and roll you'll find anywhere.

Q.: Will the Stash give up some Christmas music?

A. By any and all means!

So, what more do ya need to know? 8:00am, ACB Radio Interactive or the
World-Wide Legend, lots of tunes, requestable by email, to
stevem at legend-oldies.com or stash at acbradio.org, Twitter @stevematzura,
and phone to 866-410-8484, listenable on anything, even a tin-can and
a string at either 231-460-1047 or 716-274-2524. Want to hear that
again? Then come on in at 8:00 this and every Monday and we'll give ya
a refresher (LOLLOL). But a bigger and better reason is, of course,
the music. See ya in the morning!

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