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Listen to Eyes On Success every Wednesday evening at 10:00 pm eastern time
and every two hours on the even hour throughout the night and all day
Thursday.  This week's episode is:


1352 What's Under the Hood of Eyes On Success (Dec. 25, 2013) 

Several listeners have asked about how we create the show. This week we'll
explain how we do everything from selecting topics and guests to recording
and editing to posting the podcasts and maintaining our web presence
including the tools and techniques we use. We'll also give a peek at what's
planned in 2014. 


You can find links to this episode, show notes, and other resources at:



We've now been hosting and producing this radio show / podcast for 3 years
now and have a bunch of interesting episodes already in the works for 2014.
With over 150 episodes in our archives, you can now also easily search for
previous episodes by either show number or topic by using the new search
feature on the web site.


If you like the show, please pass it along to others who might be interested
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