[Radio-announce] The Sleepy Secret Stash Wakes You Up at 8am Today!

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Mon Feb 4 06:49:01 EST 2013

My lovely, loving, wonderful, and otherwise long-suffering (LOL) wife
has us on a schedule that normally dictates we be in bed by about 8:30
because she gets up at 4:30 to leave the house by 6:00 to get to work
by 7:45.

... But that's not why I'm writing this message. (OK, big guy, so get
to it already, will ya? We ain't got all day!) OK OK, ah-hem .. what
was I on about ... oh yeah, because last night was a late night,
thanks to a little game of toss-the-punkin down in Nawleans, I was up
late watching the ads. Yeah! I actually watch the Super Bowl not for
the game, which I thoroughly and completely do not even make a
pretense of understanding, but for the advertisements! Found some good
ones, too.

... Oh, sorry, getting off on that tangent thing again

... Anyway, by the time the darn thing was over, it was muy muy late,
so, having been deprived of a great deal of time in the arms of
Morpheus, I'm dragging my tail this morning, so I'm going to need your
help to properly and adequately energize the Secret Stash, which
commences at 8:00 on ACB Radio Interactive and the World-Wide Legend.
I'll do my sleepy best to bring you three hours of good wake-up music,
hits and misses from the 60's and 70's, with the occasional look over
the walls back to the 50's and ahead to the 80's. If Venus is aligned
with Mars, we'll even get a visit from our good friend, Eva the
Dog-Walker, who always has some interesting commentary on something

Now, where you come in is to send me email messages and make phone
calls, helping wake me up and requesting good morning wake-up music.
Being this is a top-40-format show, I kind-of don't think I'll be
playing things like Jefferson's Airplane "Volunteers of America" from
Woodstock, wherein Grace Slick states that we're about to hear some
"morning maniac music," but hey, if you wanna hear it, I'm probably
easily swayed to play it!

So come on, wake up the country, not to mention me, crank it up loud,
take me with you on the road, and above all, celebrate the start of a
new day, new week, and, oy, a new month, too, with the friendly but
sleepy morning maniac music that is the Secret Stash!

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