[Radio-announce] Streaming of the legislative seminar

Larry Turnbull kc8phj at bellsouth.net
Sat Feb 23 07:49:51 EST 2013

Hi all,
ACB Radio will be streaming the 2013 legislative seminar starting Sunday
February 24, 2013 at 2:00 P.M eastern.
The coverage will be carried on ACB Radio Live Event.
To tune in go to http://acbradio.org.
Then click on the link that says "listen to ACB Radio".
Then browse through the different streams on the page until you get to the
live event stream.
You can do this by using the heading command of your screen reader as each
stream has its own heading.
Under the live event heading you will see two links.
The first link is for those who listen to internet radio via winamp or
The second link is for those who use windows media player.
If you are using a portable device such as a note taker be sure to choose
the first link.
The coverage will run from 2 P.M to 5 P.M eastern on Sunday and from 9 A.M
to 4 P.M eastern on Monday.
Thanks to Brian Charlson for providing the streaming coverage from the
legislative seminar.
Happy listening 
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