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Have you setup links to download the audio yet?  I have a feeling you have,
and I just haven’t found it yet, and must have missed the announcement.
This past hectic week in my life didn’t allow me to catch up with any of the
live streams, but I sure wish that I could have done so.



D. T.



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Hi all,

I have setup a replay of all general sessions including the candidates forum
and the banquet on ACB Radio mainstream.

The sessions are replaying now and will continue to do so until 10:00 PM
Sunday evening.

Later tonight I will have all workshops that we recorded and streamed
replaying on live event.

Also I will have the Friends in Art showcase replaying on the café later


Thank you all for your kind words about this  year’s coverage and your

That means a lot to all of us at ACB Radio who were involved in bringing
this year’s convention to you.


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