[Radio-announce] Anything and Everything is off for a few weeks.

Kevin Minor kminor at windstream.net
Fri Mar 22 23:07:50 EDT 2013

Hey there.


I'm just sending this out to you listeners to inform you that Anything and
Everything will be off the air until April 13.  I'm a big college basketball
fan, and I've already broken my vow of never ever watching another game ever
never again after Kentucky's pitiful performance in the NIT.  Right now I'm
listening to the NCAA Men's tournament, and it's pretty good.  For the next
three Saturday evenings there will be games on during my broadcast time, and
rather than give you an inferior show while I switch focus between my
broadcast and the games I decided to take a break from broadcasting.  This
will give me a chance to do two other things.  First, it will give me a
chance to recharge the batteries, so to speak, and B, I'll have a lot more
current music in the mix to play for you.  As I said before, I'll be back on
April 13 with a brand spanking new Anything and Everything.  If you like a
mishmash of music of all kinds from the late 1920's through today, with an
emphasis on today, tune in and listen.


See you in a few weeks.



Kevin Minor, Lexington, KY

Kevin at acbradio.org

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