[Radio-announce] Eyes On Success features: Flying Blind and Top Tech Tidbits (May 15, 2013)

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Wed May 15 10:34:15 EDT 2013

Listen to Eyes On Success every Wednesday evening at 10 pm and every two
hours on the even hour throughout the night and Thursday.  This week's
episode is:


1320 Flying Blind and Top Tech Tidbits (May 15,2013)
Show Notes <http://www.eyesonsuccess.net/show_notes_1320.htm> 
Hosts Nancy Goodman Torpey and Peter Torpey speak with Larry Lewis,
president and founder of Flying Blind. Flying Blind promotes new access
technologies, distributes many useful products for people with vision loss
and trains educators in using them. In addition, they work with Dean
Martineau to produce and distribute the weekly Top Tech Tidbits about what's
new in access technology. 


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