[Radio-announce] Wake Up Early with the Secret Stash!

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Sun May 19 17:40:39 EDT 2013

8am on any day comes far too early, Monday most especially. That's
why, the first thing to do after poking yourself in the ribs and
reminding yourself it is, in fact, Monday, is to turn on your computer
or mobile device, and listen to the Secret Stash on ACB Radio
Interactive and the World-Wide Legend. Forgotten favorites, one-hit
wonders, rarities, and most definitely your requests, are my stock in
trade. And the stockroom is, as always, overflowing with the good
stuff, along with all the madness and mess-ups that normally
characterize the show! Sirens, barking dogs, ringing phones, most
people try and avoid those when broadcasting. Me? I believe these
things are features to be proud of and point at as sterling qualities
of the program!

You can email, tweet, phone, or fill out a form on the Legend web page
at any time during the program to tell me of anything you want to hear
or hear about. All the addresses, URL's, phone numbers, etc., are
given frequently, some even may say ad nauseum, throughout the show.

If you like crazy, wacked-out Internet radio of the most random kind,
interspersed with lots of good music, then the Secret Stash is your
kind of show, your kind of way to wake up every Monday, 8:00 Eastern,
on ACB Radio Interactive and the World-Wide Legend!

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