[Radio-announce] Start Your Week with Great Morning Music on the Secret Stash

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Sun Nov 3 11:02:57 EST 2013

It's my pleasure and privilege to help ease you into the new week
every Monday morning on ACB Radio Interactive and the World-Wide
Legend by playing your forgotten favorites, all and always by request
to me any time at stash at acbradio.org or stevem at legend-oldies.com. Of
course, an any-time  tweet would be a sweet treat @stevematzura as
well. Spend a little time and help me dig through thirty years of rock
and roll; make a request or dedication; give a shout-out to a friend
or relation; either way, I want *you* to be a part of the plan, the
plan to get you up and moving on a Monday! So, make it part of the
morning routine at your house--food, clothing, and music! I'll be
waitin' for ya!

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