[Radio-announce] Remembrance Day Also Means Remember Good Music

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Sun Nov 10 10:22:41 EST 2013

While it's a fine thing to remember veterans of foreign wars, it's
also a fine time to remember good old rock and roll, and the Secret
Stash helps you do that each and every Monday morning from 8 to 11am
Eastern Time on ACB Radio and the World-Wide Legend. Join me then, but
get your requests, musical wants and needs, in early with an email to
stash at acbradio.org or stevem at legend-oldies.com. During the show, call
me on the Legend Listener Line at (866) 410-8484 and state your claim
to your forgotten favorite for all to hear.

Remember: Good people, good music, good times, and it all starts
Monday mornings at 8:00 on the Secret Stash.

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