[Radio-announce] Interview with Albert Rizzi on ACB Radio Live Event

Larry Turnbull larry at acbradio.org
Thu Nov 21 19:54:42 EST 2013

Hi all,
As many of you know, the discussion  of Albert Rizzi and his guide dog Doxy
has been very  intense over the last week or so on the acb-l list.

Airing right now on ACB Radio Live event is an interview that Brian Charlson
conducted with Albert to allow him to give his own account of what happened
on that flight.

To get to Live Event go to http://acbradio.org/live and choose the link that
suits your media player.

You can also go to http://acbradio.org/rizzi and download the interview.

The interview will air on Live Event the rest of tonight and throughout the
day tomorrow.

Happy listening.


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