[Radio-announce] Rejuvinate with me "In The Quiet"

Debbie Hazelton iam at debbiehazelton.com
Tue Nov 26 18:45:43 EST 2013

Yes! If it's stormy outside, it can still be quiet inside!


Come join! Get away from the noise!




and now, from your phone:



231-460-1047.  You will then be presented with a menu of choices.  You can
jump from stream-to-stream if you decide while listening you want to hear
another one of our channels.  Pressing the pound key while listening will
return you to the main menu from which you can select the stream you want to
hear.  Keep your ears on this new service; we plan to offer more!


Happy Thanksgiving! If not in the U.S., happy any time to give thanks!!!


More soon!


With love!


Debbie Hazelton

Helping People Feel Better, One Person At a Time!


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