[Radio-announce] Anything and Everything is on tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern!

Kevin Minor kminor at windstream.net
Sat Oct 5 02:46:51 EDT 2013

Hey there.


It's that time of the week when I get on the internet and play you music,
talk about the regional sporting events, tell you of the weather, and don't
forget the Bullwinkle joke of the week.  The show is Anything and
Everything, and it can be heard on ACB Radio Interactive starting every
Saturday evening at 9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific, and it lasts for a
glorious three hours.  To hear the show, you can do one of three things:


1.        Point your browser to



and follow the links to listen to the Interactive stream.


2.        Download the ACB Radio tuner from the above address.

C.  If you have a mobile device like an iPhone or an Android, look for ACB
Radio Interactive there.


So tune into the fun, whatever way you choose.  Your requests are always


See you tonight!



Kevin Minor, Lexington, KY

kevin at acbradio.org

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