[Radio-announce] Come away from the noisy world! Join me "In The quiet!"

Debbie Hazelton iam at debbiehazelton.com
Tue Oct 29 18:41:50 EDT 2013

Can we spend time together tonight? Let's do this! Get away from the noisy
world, the sandpapering, the frustrations, the disappointments, worries,
fears, busyness, hassles.! Get refueled, recharged, reenergized, rekindled,
renewed! Strengthen your "elasticity of spirit!" Join me "In The Quiet"



I have people who rush home to catch this show, it's so meaningful to them,
people who gain comfort! Don't miss out!



And do not hesitate, let's spend a few moments chatting, to see if I  can
help you lessen the stress or angst in your life, find some win-win
solutions! I'm good at what I do! Why not reap the benefits!

Flexible scheduling, negotiable fees. You'll be glad! Why not have more ease
in your life? Don't be invested in keeping it so tough!

Debbie Hazelton

Helping People Feel Better, One Person At a Time!

Check out my Deb site!



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