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This will be broadcasted on ACB Radio Live Event.

It is another Halloween thriller from ACB's Audio Description Project ACB
Radio, and many other cooperatives.


Please see Joel's message below.





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Happy Audio Described Halloween!


ACB's Audio Description Project, in conjunction with Audio Description
Associates, LLC and VITAC (the nation's largest captioning company), is 

pleased to offer you a Halloween gift: the classic 1922 horror film
"Nosferatu" (the original "Dracula"!) with captions and audio description!
"Nosferatu," about a Dracula-like character who spreads terror and
pestilence through the protagonist's hometown before his lust for blood
destroys him, is the fourth installment of VITAC and the ACB's series of
audio described Halloween programs.  


The audio described soundtrack will be broadcast on ACB Radio at 9:00 pm EDT
on Thursday, October 31, 2013 -- just tune in to: http://acbradio.org/live.


And within the next day or two, the film with captioning and audio
description will be available on VITAC's website and Facebook page -
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DySMmYH9yfI%20>  - as well as the website
and Facebook page of ACB's Audio Description Project - www.acb.org/adp.





President, Audio Description Associates, LLC   

"The Visual Made Verbal"  T

ADA logo (5)T  ADA logo--an eye within an ear

6502 Westmoreland Avenue, Takoma Park, MD  20912

 <mailto:jsnyder at audiodescribe.com> jsnyder at audiodescribe.com -- 301

Cell:  301 452-1898  --  Fax: 208 445-0079


For more information about audio description, please visit: 

 <http://www.audiodescribe.com/> www.audiodescribe.com   


Director, Audio Description Project

American Council of the Blind

 <mailto:jsnyder at acb.org> jsnyder at acb.org -- 202 467-5083

 <http://www.acb.org/adp> www.acb.org/adp

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