[Radio-announce] The Secret Stash, Labor Day Edition, Monday morning!

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Sun Sep 1 15:40:17 EDT 2013

What a fine thing--every working person gets to stay home and sleep
late, while I get to work! Where's the fun in that?

It's right here, on ACB Radio Interactive and the World-Wide Legend,
Monday, September 2, commencing at 8:00 Eastern Daylight Time! Three
hours of your forgotten favorites from the end of the 50's to the
middle of the 80's, with that wild and wonderful wacky wake-up sound
of yours very truly, your Monday morning music mayor, melded into the
music mix. Requests via email, Twitter, and the phone are welcome, so
listen during the program for all the information you'll need on how
to get in touch.

We're rockin' the world at http://www.acbradio.org/interactive and
always playing your forgotten favorites at
http://www.legend-oldies.com, this and every Monday morning at 8.

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