[Radio-announce] Anything and Everything: the show that happens once in a lifetime, or is it once a week? starting at 9 p.m. Eastern on ACB Radio Interactive.

Kevin Minor kminor at windstream.net
Fri Sep 6 23:38:23 EDT 2013

Hey folks out there!


It's me, Kevin Minor with another version of Anything and Everything on ACB
Radio Interactive.  The show features music of all types from the late
1920's through today.  Boy, do I have a great show for you, starting
tomorrow night at 9 p.m. Eastern.  For three hours I'll mainly play music,
tell you the Bullwinkle joke of the week, the weather for Lexington,
Kentucky, and since the Reds are playing early tomorrow afternoon, I'll let
you know the final score of the game, unless, of course, the game reaches
something like the 30th inning, which, in that case it will be the usual
thing, wait until the game ends to give you the final score.  Of course your
requests are always welcome.


In addition to the usual usual music for Brian and Linda Lewis, I have a
brand new Celine Dion song that I intend to play.  It's pretty good, and I
know I'll make Brian happy.  The song will be early in the show, so pay
attention or you'll miss it.


To tune into the fun, point your browser to




or use the ACB Radio tuner.  If you're out and about, and you have one of
those new fangled mobile devices, you can listen to the show that way.  It
can be fount on OoTunes, and other mobile apps.


See you tomorrow night starting at 9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific for three
hours of fun.  You could call it a three hour tour, a three hour tour.  I
know, that's a poor reference to Gilligan's Island, but I just couldn't


Don't work too hard.


Kevin Minor, Lexington, KY

kevin at acbradio.org

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