[Radio-announce] Wake Up with the Secret Stash, Monday

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Sun Sep 22 12:40:24 EDT 2013

After a week off, I'm ready to rock and roll Monday morning at 8am
Eastern on ACB Radio Interactive and the World-Wide Legend, bringing
you the best way to ease back into the workweek you'll find anywhere.
It's three hours of forgotten favorites, unfrozen and personally
chosen, direct from behind the golden doors of the rock vaults
otherwise known as the Secret Stash! Chart-busters from the 60's and
70's, with occasional looks both forward and back, alternate versions,
outtakes, demos, sometimes even some rare live performances, all mixed
with my own rhetoric and commentary, and if we're real lucky, a visit
from the Stash's very own Eva the Dog-Walker.

Of course, all the music is yours by request via email, Twitter, and
the telephone, so listen for that all-important contact information to
get yours in!

So, you bring the mocha java, I'll bring the music jams, and together,
we'll put a happy face on Monday, only on the Secret Stash!

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