[Radio-announce] It's British Invasion Week on the Secret Stash!

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Sun Feb 9 12:21:28 EST 2014

On all three editions of the Secret Stash this week, I'll be
spotlighting all your favorite British artists and bands, like the
Rolling Stones, the Searchers, Beter and Gordon, Jerry and the
Pacemakers, the Pretty Things, Billy J Kramer, and the Zombies, just
to name a few. Join me for all three shows--Monday at 8:00am, Tuesday
at 1:00pm, and Friday at 3:00pm, all times Eastern, on the World-Wide
Legend (http://www.legend-oldies.com). You can also catch the original
Monday Stash on ACB Radio Interactive
(http://www.acbradio.org/interactive) as I, your Monday morning music
mayor, wake you up with thirty years of forgotten favorites, this week
with a decidedly British accent.

You can listen to the Secret Stash not only via the Internet, but via
the old-fashioned telephone as well. Hey, it's not stereo, or even
particularly good fidelity, but when you're away from the real
Internet and gotta have your music, it's the next best thing to being
there. Pick up any phone and dial 1-231-460-1047 to hear the Stash on
ACB Radio Interactive, or 1-716-274-2524 to hear it on the Legend.
Same great music, same great show (if I do say so myself (LOL)).

Also remember you can always help pre-load the show by sending
requests and comments via email to either stash at acbradio.org or
stevem at legend-oldies.com. I also love getting tweets @stevematzura any
old time.

The British are coming! The British are coming! ... to the next three
netcasts of the Secret Stash!

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