[Radio-announce] First of the week, first of the year, the Stash is on the air Monday!

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Sun Jan 5 19:06:49 EST 2014

After a brief rest of the old golden throat (yeah right), the Secret
Stash is  once again open for biz, Monday morning at 8:00 Eastern Time
(5am Pacific, 13 Hours Universal) on ACB Radio Interactive and the
World-Wide Legend. Let's wake up Monday together with three hours of
forgotten favorites by request to stevem at legend-oldies.com at any
time, or by phone to the Legend Listener Line at (866) 410-8484 during
the show. New day, new month, ... new year ... old songs you know and
love, and some you don't (either know or love, LOL), will start your
week on the bright side. And because school is back in session and my
wife's working again, our very own Eva the Dog-Walker will be by round
about 10am Eastern for--well--who knows what!

So, hot the pot, toast the marshmallows, bring in the dog and put out
the cat, do whatever you have to do, just join me this and every
Monday on ACBRI and the Legend for your own musical expedition into
the Secret Stash!

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