[Radio-announce] Journey into Jazz for This Monday

Christopher Gray chris at moblind.org
Sun Jan 12 22:32:42 EST 2014

Hi All:

We wrote you last Monday about a live episode of Journey into Jazz which
was all put together.  Unfortunately, some gremlins within ACB Radio
completely thwarted the broadcast, so we are going to run that same live
show for you tomorrow.

You are really going to love this broadcast.  We start out with a request
from one of our listeners, Paul, Belle of Louisville, played by the
currently performing and composing ragtime pianist Frank French.  Some of
you who listened to Blind Vine on ACB Radio Mainstream will recognize this
as our theme song for that show.  However, it was not Frank French's
performance, but a midi rendition of it done in the mid 1990s.  We are
planning to have Frank on a future show in person.  We'll follow that up with a
few more of his wonderful compositions.

So, where do you go from a current ragtime pianist?  We decided to take
you back to the early 1920s and play some of the great jazz trumpeter, Bix
Beiderbecke's, selections.  From there, we move forward, keeping the
dixieland/ragtime motif through Lu Waters and San Francisco's own Bob
Scobey. We'll then move on to a bit of Coleman Hawkins.

Then we,ll move forward and play some wonderful songs from Sarah Vaughan
and Clifford Brown.  They only ever produced one album together, and you
are sure to enjoy what they accomplished here.

Finally, we present two more modern pianists and their combos, Bill
Charlap and Horace Parlan.  Many thanks to our friend Denny for turning
us on to the Bill Charlap selections.

To hear the show, visit the website acbradio.org/interactive, choose to
Listen, and then select your player of choice.  Always remember that if
you cannot listen live, we podcast at jazzguys.libsyn.com, on TuneIn
Radio, and via iTunes.

This will be a live show and we would love to receive your calls this week
as well.

Hope to see you there.

All the best,

Chris and Don

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