[Radio-announce] Your Monday Morning Music Mayor Is Ready!

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Mon Jan 20 07:35:42 EST 2014

A great good morning to one and all, and especially to those who don't
normally get to listen to Internet radio in the early morning, this is
your special Monday morning wake-up call to join me this and every
Monday morning at 8:00 Eastern Time on ACB Radio Interactive and the
Legend for the Monday morning edition of the Secret Stash. Three hours
of forgotten favorites from the 60's through the mid 80's are yours
for the asking, so don't be shy, put those feet flat on the floor,
lever yourself into a standing position, walk on over to that computer
or mobile device, and key in either
http://www.acbradio.org/interactive or http://www.legend-oldies.com,
then hot the pot and enjoy a morning of musical memories along with
breakfast, and, if you're normally at work during this time, the
opportunity to catch some great tunes and hear your forgotten personal
favorite by sending me a request or giving me a call on the Legend
Listener Line. Because today's a Federal holiday and school's closed,
Eva our Dog-Walker won't b4e visiting the Stash this week, but she'll
be right back with us next week.

It's all for you, coming up in just a few, on ACB Radio Interactive
and the World-Wide Legend.

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