[Radio-announce] Tomorrow night starting at 9 p.m. Eastern, it's another Anything and Everything on ACB Radio Interactive.

Kevin Minor kminor at windstream.net
Fri Jan 24 19:47:43 EST 2014



It's me, your GREAT DJ on ACB Radio Interactive, inviting you to tune into
Anything and Everything.  For three hours I play music from the late 1920's
through today, tell you about the Weather for Lexington, Kentucky, mention
the local sports, and we can't forget that great segment of the show, the
Bullwinkle joke of the week.  The fun starts every Saturday at 9 p.m. U.S.
Eastern time, 6 p.m. Pacific.  Of course your requests are always welcome,
so tune in.


On tomorrow's show I have an update for you.  If you've been listening, I've
mentioned that I got a clock for Christmas, at least I was supposed to get
one.  I did get one, but what my Dad, Stepmother and I observed was it
didn't do exactly what I wanted, so we sent it back.  I was supposed to get
another clock this week, and according to the folks that sold it, it does
what I want.  I got the clock, and you'll hear, live and in color, and if
there were two microphones, it would be in stereo, whether I got what I
wanted.  Tune in and see what happens.


To hear the show, you have four, that's right, four great ways to listen in.
You can go to




and follow the links to listen to the Interactive stream.  You can also
download the ACB Radio tuner, run it, and choose the Interactive stream.  If
you have a mobile device, you can tune in that way as well.  If you won't be
near a computer, but you have a phone handy, just dial 231-460-1047, and you
can listen that way.  If you do use the phone, keep in mind that long
distance charges may apply.


See you tomorrow night at 9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific on ACB Radio



Kevin Minor, Lexington, KY

kevin at acbradio.org

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