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** See the important message below the show announcements to learn about
changes we had to make to the podcast of Eyes On Success **


1429 Considerations for Blind People Losing their Hearing (Jul. 16, 2014) 

 Adaptive equipment is available to help people with vision or hearing loss.
However, there are special considerations for people with both since they
cannot rely on their sight to compensate for loss of hearing or vice versa.
Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with Jonathan Mosen about special issues
he has faced as a life-long blind person who is losing his hearing.  


You can find the audio and show notes for this episode at:




The hosts of eyes On Success want to make sure everyone knows that we've had
to change our podcast feed.  This was due to some sudden and unexpected
changes made by our hosting service.


As a result, we will soon not be able to distribute the podcast via the
original subscription URL that we first set up when the show was still
called ViewPoints.  Thankfully many subscribers were subscribed with the new
URL we've been using for at least the past year, and their subscriptions
should not be affected.


In a few weeks, only the new feed URL will be active.  If your podcatcher
stops updating with new episodes or you are unable to receive any episodes,
then you are likely subscribed using the old subscription URL.  If this is
the case you will need to:


1.        Manually enter the following text into your podcatcher for the
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2.       Alternately, if you are using an iOS device or subscribing with
iTunes, you will have to delete the Eyes On Success podcast and re-subscribe
to Eyes On Success.  Note: We have not made this change with Apple itunes
yet - Apple itunes is still directing our podcast request to the old URL.
We will have Apple make this change within the next month and notify you
when it happens.

3.       NOTE: Within the next month or two, the only subscription URL that
will be valid is the one above, i.e.:

During the transition, both subscription URLs will be valid, but eventually,
the old subscription URL will be dropped.


We apologize for any inconvenience, but these circumstances were out of our


If you experience any problems while these changes are happening, send a
note to us at:

hosts at EyesOnSuccess.net


Also, please pass along this message to any other people you think might be
affected by the change and would like to continue receiving episodes of eyes
On Success via podcast.  As usual, people can also still search for and
download and listen to episodes from our web site and our archives.  These
remain unaffected by the change and are at:



We will also post updates about these changes on the eyes On Success web


Thanks for your understanding.


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