[Radio-announce] Toews on the Waves This Monday

Bruce Toews bruce at brucetoews.com
Sat Jul 19 09:31:31 EDT 2014

I'd like to invite you to join me on Monday at 9:00 PM Eastern for another
fun hour of Toews on the Waves on ACB Radio Interactive. The convention's
over, maybe you're going through one of those adrenaline rush hangovers (or
maybe one of the other kind too), and you want a little audio pick-me-up.
Well, we'll try to bring that to you on Monday evening with some fun tunes
to lift your spirit. We've got Weird Al's new album, Mandatory Fun, and
we'll be playing a few tracks from it. And I've got some other fun ideas as
well, such as a comic salute to my recent visit with my dentist, or as I
goodnaturedly call him, Dr. Crowbar.

Of course, if you've got a fun idea or two, it'd be great if you could add
it to the mix! Before or during the show, you can e-mail me at totw at ogts.net
<mailto:totw at ogts.net>  with your request, or during the show you're welcome
to say hi or make a request via Twitter to @BruceTRadio with the hashtag
#totw. I would love to hear from you.


After that, TOTW will take a three-week break. For two weeks I'll be
visiting the great United States of America, and on August 11th I'll be
visiting Dr. Crowbar and anticipate sounding rather hard-to-listen-to. So
I'll be back on the 18th.


But before all that, we've got our visit on Monday to look forward to, so
please do join me at 9 Eastern, on ACB Radio Interactive, for Toews on the

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