[Radio-announce] A new note taking device, JAWS 16, and mobile phone accessibility on Main Menu convention coverage part 2

Chase Crispin chase at acbradio.org
Tue Jul 22 23:30:09 EDT 2014

Main Menu is pleased to release the  second part of our coverage of the 2014
ACB Conference and Convention exhibit hall on our website at
mainmenu.acbradio.org.  In this hour-long special show, we hear from  Baum
about the new Vario Ultra braille display and note taker, Freedom Scientific
about JAWS 16,  Visus Technologies about a new accessibility solution for
Android for Verizon Wireless Customers, and Verizon.  Many of the vendors
interviewed in this show are releasing new and exciting products and are
offering extended discounted pricing to Main Menu  listeners.  We thank Jeff
Bishop,  Tim Cumings, and Brian McCallen for their hard work to prepare
these excellent interviews for Main Menu.  To find our  2014 ACB convention
coverage , please visit the Main Menu website at:
Once on the Main Menu website, click on shows, then find the convention
coverage special  of choice  at the top of the page.  To download an mp3
file of the show to your computer, click download.  To stream the file over
the internet, click on the stream link.  This show is also available as a
podcast on our podcast feed, on the iTunes Store, and in Serotek's iBlink
Radio app for iOS and Android.  Please contact us by email at
<mailto:mainmenu at acbradio.org> mainmenu at acbradio.org or on Twitter @mainmenu
with your feedback about our convention coverage, and keep an eye on our
website and mailing lists to find out when the next part of our convention
coverage is available!   We will have a total of five convention shows,
which will all be posted by the end of the week.  Thanks for your continued
interest and support of Main Menu and ACB Radio!
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