[Radio-announce] Please join me later for Worship Unlimited.

Alex Banwell alexbanwell777 at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 23 06:33:31 EDT 2014

Hi everyone.


It's blisteringly hot here in the UK, and we're all being typically British.
One minute we're praising the Lord for the sunshine, and then complaining
that we're roasting!  However, there won't be any complaining on tonight's
Worship Unlimited.  Well, that is, there won't be any complaining from me.
Smile!  It's 3 hours we can take out of our busy weeks to just praise and
thank the Lord for his goodness.  So please join me if you possibly can, and
feel free to send lots of requests and comments to either:

Worshipunlimited1 at gmail.com



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