[Radio-announce] An extra half hour of eyes On Success tonight!

blueskies11 blueskies11 at torpey.info
Wed Jul 23 10:23:02 EDT 2014

Due to ACB Radio's coverage of the convention last week,  eyes On Success
was not broadcast.


Since that episode might be of particular interest to lots of listeners,
last week's episode will be broadcast at 9:30 pm eastern time tonight
(Wednesday), followed by the usual airing of Eyes On Success at 10:00 pm.


The episode that will air at 9:30 pm is:


1429 Considerations for Blind People Losing their Hearing (Jul. 16, 2014) 

Adaptive equipment is available to help people with vision or hearing loss.
However, there are special considerations for people with both since they
cannot rely on their sight to compensate for loss of hearing or vice versa.
Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with Jonathan Mosen about special issues
he has faced as a life-long blind person who is losing his hearing. 


As usual, if you miss the airing on ACB Radio, the audio and show notes for
this episode can be found at:



Just browse through our archives or use the search feature on the web site.




The Hosts: Pete and Nancy Torpey


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