[Radio-announce] Paying Tribute to Stan Freberg on Monday's Toews on the Waves

Bruce Toews bruce at brucetoews.com
Sat Jun 7 02:29:58 EDT 2014

Monday evening's coming soon,

And you know what that means:

Toews on the Waves will be here too,

Ain't that just peachy keen?


Stan Freberg is the satirist

Who will take center stage,

You'll want to have a listen,

This advice is very sage.


We only have an hour so

Get your request in sooner,

'Cause if you don't, the others will,

And you'll be left alooner.


This next bit just won't fit the rhythm

Scheme that I've established,

Send your requests to totw at ogts.net <mailto:totw at ogts.net> 

And this line won't rhyme, either.


Yes, Monday night at 8 Eastern

Is when you should tune in

ACB Radio Interactive's

Where your fun will begin.

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