[Radio-announce] No Toews on the Waves Monday

Bruce Toews bruce at brucetoews.com
Sat Jun 21 22:02:27 EDT 2014

Long before the return of Toews on the Waves, I had made a commitment to
give the message on Monday at one of our local downtown missions. And so,
unfortunately, there will be no Toews on the Waves this week. But please do
join me next Monday, that'd be the 30th, as we salute the musical genius
that is Ray Stevens. We'll be playing quite a few of his big hits, plus
quite a few other Ray Stevens songs you may well never have heard before.
We'll try to stay away from politics, which seems to be a major recipient of
his musical energy these days, and w'll make it a fun musical ride. It's an
hour of the musical comedy of Ray Stevens, next Monday from 9 until 10
Eastern (I got it right!) and only on ACB Radio Interactive. Please do join



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