[Radio-announce] The Secret Stash Wakes You Up!

Steve Matzura number6 at noisynotes.com
Mon Jun 23 01:53:31 EDT 2014

How many reasons can you think of to stay in bed, or stay in bed late,
on a Monday morning? Well, I can think of one that trumps them all,
and that is, if you don't get outa that sleepy-head bed and turn on
your computer or phone or tablet, you'll be missing out on the best
way to wake up on a Monday morning--rockin' and rollin' into the week
with thirty years of forgotten favorites on the Secret Stash! Join me
this and every Monday morning on ACB Radio Interactive and the
Worldwide Legend for music, madness, and the school year's last visit
from our very own Eva, walker of our little dog Murphy, the unofficial
mascot of at least three Internet streaming services. You just can't
miss this one! And ya know what would be really nice? Call me up until
11:00am Eastern Time at (206) 203-1120 and wish Eva a happy summer.
That would absolutely make her day. Ya see, she has this idea that
nobody's really out there listening, even though I tell her that you
are! Let's prove her wrong, OK? Now, if that's not a fine reason to
jump outa bed and listen to the Monday morning editioin of the Secret
Stash on ACBRI and the Legend, then ... well ... I don't know ...!

I'll see ya later on this morning then.

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