[Radio-announce] this week on Eyes On Success: VisionAware and Living with Vision Loss

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Wed Mar 5 08:21:44 EST 2014

Listen to Eyes On Success every Wednesday evening at 10:00 pm eastern time
and every two hours throughout the night and all day Thursday.  This week's
show is:


1410 VisionAware and Living with Vision Loss (Mar. 5, 2014) 

VisionAware's mission is to help adults who are losing their sight continue
to live full and independent lives by providing information, daily living
techniques, a directory of services, and a supportive online community.
Hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey talk with its program director, Pris Rogers,
about their resources and "Getting Started" guide for those new to vision


If you miss the broadcast, the audio and show notes for this episode can be
found at:





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