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This Sunday on Encouragement for the Journey we will be featuring the Booth
Brothers, 1990-present.


The group was originally formed in 1957 and were based in Detroit, Mi., and
consisted of brothers Ron, Charles, James, and Wallace.


They functioned as a regional group until 1963 when Ron left the group to
sing with the Toney Brothers.


Ron also sang with the Rebels, The Thrasher Brothers, and The Stamps.


The group name was revived in 1990 when Ron Booth and his sons, Michael, and
Ronnie, formed a trio.


Over the next few years, the group would come to be known for their
infectious energy on stage. The elder Ron Booth retired and was replaced in
1998 by former 

Perfect Heart member, Joseph Smith.


Singer/songwriter, Jim Brady, took over Joseph Smith's place in 2002, after
Smith joined the Mark Trammell Trio.


On August 24, 2014, the Booth Brothers announced that Jim Brady would be
leaving the group at the end of the year in order to form a new group with
his wife, Melissa Brady.


The Booth Brothers have won numerous Singing News Fan Awards, favorite group
of the year, 2007, favorite song of the year, 2006-2012, and Artist of the
year, 2008-2013, favorite trio, 2008-2013, album of the year, 2008-2010.


In addition, they have won several awards from the National Quartet
Convention, Male Group of the Year, 2013.


You can catch most of the popular songs by the Booth Brothers by tuning into
ACB Radio Interactive at 8:00 EST this Sunday morning. 




Ph. 1-231-460-1047 followed by the #4


Archived at: HTTP://Encouragement.PodHoster.Com


Playlist follows below: 


01. Kingsmen - My Lord is able


02. Inspirations - He broke the chains


03. Mark Trammell Quartet - I'll take it to the grave


04. Relations Quartet - I'm on a mission


05. Booth Brothers - Feelin' fine


06. Booth Brothers - Welcome to the family


07. Booth Brothers - I see grace


08. Primitive Quartet - Can't hardly wait


09. Roy Clark and the Smokey Mountain Jubilee Choir - I saw the light


10. Roger Neal - After calvary


11. Roger Neal - Holy ground


12. Ricky Van Shelton - I saw a man


13. Booth Brothers - I just feel like something good is about to happen


14. Booth Brothers - The blind man, he saw it all


15. Booth Brothers - Thank Him for the miracle


16. Palmetto State Quartet - When it pours God reigns


17. Dove Brothers - It's a waiting for me


18. Vintage Gospel Lads - Temporary home


19. Jeff and Sheri Easter - Praise His name


20. Josh Turner - The answer


21. Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, Legacy Five - When I wake up


22. Booth Brothers - Love is in the room


23. Booth Brothers - Tears are a language


24. Phil Cross and Poet Voices - Saved to the uttermost


25. The Q - It's time to sing


26. The Goulds - Bigger than any mountain


27. Kingdom Heirs - I've got something to shout about


28. Ivan Parker - Higher ground


29. Booth Brothers - This love is mine


30. Booth Brothers -www I played in the band and sang in the choir


31. Booth Brothers - Still feelin' fine

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