[Radio-announce] Remap The Keyboard On Your mac or Play A Game Of Doom On Your iOS Device and More On MainMenu

David Tanner david.tanner100 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 23:59:28 EDT 2014

Remaping your Mac keyboard to playing Doom on your iOS device and lots more
are waiting for you on MainMenu this week...


Larry Turnbull, Managing Director of ACBradio, demonstrates using the
Audible Books app on your iOS device.


Thanks to Blind Cool Tech - Garth shows us how to remap the keys on our Mac
to make things more convenient and easy to remember.


Finally, Larry Turnbull returns to show us how to play the Doom game on our
iOS device.


Have you got an interesting topic you would like to present on MainMenu?
Then please contact us at mainmenu at acbradio.org and we will be glad to work
with you to make it happen on one of the most popular tech programs for
blind and visually impaired on the internet.



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