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This Sunday on Encouragement for the Journey we will be featuring the
Nelons, 1977-present, formerly known as the Rex Nelon Singers.

The group had been called The LeFevres up until that point, but after Eva
Mae LeFevre decided to retire, Rex Nelon decided to take over the group.

The Rex Nelon Singers quickly began to enjoy a successful run of popularity
with their first live album in 1977 entitle, "The sun's coming up." 

The group produced another live album in 1978 by Canaan Label entitled, "I
Love To Call His Name," which included a song written and performed by Rex

In 1980, a song from the group's 1979 recording Feelings became the Nelons'
first number one song on the Singing News chart. 


We will also be playing songs from Karen Peck  formerly with the Nelons,
1981-1990, and Janet Paschal, another former group member, 1977-1981.


You can catch most of the popular songs by The Nelons by tuning into ACB
Radio Interactive at 8:00 EST this Sunday morning.




Ph. 1-231-460-1047 followed by the #4


Archived at: HTTP://Encouragement.PodHoster.Com


In addition, we will be playing several songs never played on the broadcast
so you won't want to miss a single moment.


Playlist follows below:


01. Jeff and Sheri Easter - One way


02. Skyline Boys - Cool drink of water


03. Talley Trio - Searching


04. Kevin Spencer and friends - See you in the morning


05. Nelons - Let the church arise


06. Nelons - I'm still leaning on Jesus


07. Nelons - We shall wear a robe and crown live


08. Greens - Sweet life


09. Florida Boys - when God shuts the door


10. Charlie Pride - He set me free


11. Kitty Wells, queen of country music, and Carol Sue Wright - How far is


12. Gold City - Touch this child again


13, Nelons - Walk right out of this valley live


14. Nelons - Christians never say goodbye


15. Nelons - O for a thousand tongues live


16. Karen Peck and New River - A taste of grace


17. Ronda Vincent - I heard my saviour calling me


18. Jody Brown Indian Family - God has not changed


19. Hoppers - I wish we'd all been ready


20. The Happy Goodmans - What a beautiful day


21. Nelons - More than wonderful


22. Nelons - Excuse me, are you Jesus


23. New Journey - At the name of Jesus


24. N'Harmony - Oh, what a saviour


25. Cathedrals - Build an ark


26. Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet - His strength is perfect


27. Stamps Baxter Quartet - Touch of the Master's hand


28. Janet Paschal - O, worship the King


29. Nelons - Take off those rags Lazarus


30. Nelons - I'm gonna keep walking


31. Nelons - Jesus will outshine them all


32. Nelons - Ain't it just like God

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