[Radio-announce] This week on Eyes On Success: Opportunities for Blind Pharmacists

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Listen to Eyes On Success on ACB Radio every Wednesday at 10:00 pm eastern
time.  The show is then repeated every two hours throughout the night and
all day Thursday.


This week's episode is:


1532 Opportunities for Blind Pharmacists (Aug. 5, 2015) 

 Arnold Tucker was a pharmacist in a retail pharmacy when his vision began
to fade. Despite using various adaptive aids, it became progressively more
difficult to perform his job. After obtaining additional training, he found
new doors open in his field. Hosts Nancy and Peter talk with him about his
journey and opportunities for blind pharmacists.  


The audio and show notes for this episode can be found at:




The topic of blind pharmacists started an interesting and passionate
discussion on the Eyes On Success discussion forum last year.  If you'd like
to join in on the discussion and/or voice your own ideas about the topic
after listening to this episode you might want to join the Eyes On Success
discussion list if you're not already a member.


To sign up for the discussion forum send an e-mail to:

EOS_Discuss+Subscribe at googleGroups.com


Once signed up you can then post your comments by sending them to:

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