[Radio-announce] The most consistant team in Major League Baseball, and more tonight on Anything and Everything at 9 p.m. Eastern on ACB Radio Interactive.

Kevin Minor kminor65 at outlook.com
Sat Aug 29 15:15:16 EDT 2015

Hey there.


That's right, the Reds are the most consistent team in all of Major League
Baseball!  They've lost 13 out of 14 games.  Can they lose another game?
Tune into Anything and Everything tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific
on ACB Radio Interactive to find out.


Besides the Reds update, I'll tell you about the weather for Lexington,
Kentucky, have the Name That Tune segment, prayer requests, and we can't
forget the Bullwinkle joke of the week.  These are always a part of the show
each week, so if you like these things, let me know.  You're always invited
to add to the fun.  Send your requests, jokes, and whatever you like to


kevin at acbradio.org <mailto:kevin at acbradio.org> 


and I'll give you a shout out on the show.


Two things happened last week that I'll talk about.  I went out to dinner
with a church group, and I had a really good time.  The other thing I'll
mention is the great success of my totally automated show.


To listen to the show, go to




and choose the Interactive link, follow the directions, and Voila!  You'll
be listening in no time.


See you tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern on ACB Radio Interactive for three hours
of fun!


Kevin Minor, Lexington, KY

kevin at acbradio.org

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