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Mike Bernard mbern6516 at aol.com
Wed Dec 9 11:19:49 EST 2015

The deadline for submitting your holiday greetings will be here before you
know it. Surprisingly though, no one has come forward yet.  Don't be shy
folks, this is the real deal. If you have a special greeting that you'd like
to send out to friends, family, or the world as a whole, you can record them
and send them via email attachment to 

Mbern6516 at aol.com <mailto:Mbern6516 at aol.com>  

and I'll play them over the air during my holiday edition of The Best Of
Yesterday and Today on your behalf. If you can, please submit your message
as an mp3. If your digital recording device cannot record in this format, no
problem. Once I receive your recordings I'll convert them into mp3s myself,
to ensure that they're playable in my media player. Having trouble thinking
of what to say? It doesn't have to be extravagant, just keep it simple. Say
what's in your heart. For example, you could say, "This is John Doe from
Boston. My family and I would like to wish you a very merry Christmas, and a
prosperous New Year" you know, something to that affect. Use whatever words
that work best for you. Naturally you'll replace (John Doe) with your actual
name, and replace Boston with the name of the actual city or state at which
you live in. Try to keep your messages brief, as I'd like to try to get as
many of your greetings and sentiments on the air as possible as time will
permit. I'll be playing them in blocks of four or eight throughout each
hour. If you don't want to reveal your last name, then just use your first
name. This way those who don't know you, and who are not familiar with your
voice, will at least know who is talking. The Show is going to be a blast,
and your all invited to be a part of it. In the meantime, don't forget to
join me tonight at 7 Eastern, 6 central, 5 mountain, and 4 pacific for The
Best Of Yesterday and Today. 

 Got a  request? You can either E-mail me at the above address, or 

search for and call or IM me on skype at smiley-guy218. I'll search my vast
library of hits for the song that's right for you. Who knows, I just might
have it. But if I don't, I'll be sure to let you know. As stated above, I'm
still excepting recordings of holiday greetings and sentiments for my
special up-coming holiday show on December 23.  if you have greetings or
other holiday sentiments that you'd like to share with the world, friends,
or relatives who for whatever reason can't be with you this holiday season,
You can record your very own greeting in your own words and send them to me
via email attachment at the above email address and I'll play them during
the show that night. Again, the deadline for submissions is Monday, December
21, 2015. So as the mysterious lady in the auction promo said, "get busy!!!
Talk to you tonight.



Do you love classic rock? Would you like to shake your groove with 80s new
wave and 90s hiphop? If so, check out my show every Wednesday night from 7
to 9 pm on ACB Radio Interactive at



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