[Radio-announce] its the last show for 2015

Mike Bernard mbern6516 at aol.com
Wed Dec 30 11:31:07 EST 2015

It's the last episode of The Best Of Yesterday and Today for 2015, and on
tonight's show I've got a special guest. My friend Jay will be joining me as
a guest dj, as I go back in time, and play some of the most rememberable
songs I've plaied for you over the past 7 months that I've been working
here. I wish I could say that I was playing the most requested songs, but I
can't, because for whatever reason, listeners won't interact with me, and I
don't understand why. I would have hoped that after six months, my show
would have caught on with people by now. I hope listenership will improve in
2016. Be advised, that all the station breaks I do with Jay, are
pre-recorded. You see, due to the type of setup I have here, its not
possible for me to put someone on air live, unless they were right here in
the same room, and Jay and I live in two different states. Got a request?,
dedication?, a comment perhaps?  You can either E-mail me at 

Mbern6516 at aol.com 

or search for and call or IM me on skype at smiley-guy218. Talk to you



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