[Radio-announce] Yin Yang Show is back today on ACB Radio Interactive from 6 to 9 PM Eastern

Rick E Morin rick.morin at comcast.net
Thu Feb 26 16:32:28 EST 2015

Hi friends,

Only in New England do we drown our sorrows about the cold and snow in ice

It's snowing again.... Time for a large dish of Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice

The Yin  Yang Show is back today from 6 to 9 PM Eastern on ACB Radio
Interactive. http://acbradio.org/interactive

For those of you who saw Brian at the Mid-Year meetings - he is doing a bit
better and promises to be on the air.

And stay tuned after the Yin Yang Show for Global Beat with Ann Sylvia from
Pasadena, CA where it is 65 degrees - life just isn't fair.

Thanks for listening!!

Brian and Rick

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