[Radio-announce] The cracked Hazel Nuts are into smoothies tonight!

Debbie Hazelton iam at debbiehazelton.com
Sat Jul 25 16:42:03 EDT 2015

We’re back again for another really fun show! “the Hazel Nuts!” We’re doing it again, just as cracked as ever! We’re talking and demoing making smoothies, if you can  glean it in between our craziness.

It’s at 9:00 P.M. EST. http://acbradio.org/mainstream <http://acbradio.org/mainstream>
Or by phone, don’t miss out!

You can get the podcast later, but why wait when you might just get leftovers? We’re making it fresh! :-)

Speaking of cracked, do you know what a crack pot is?

How about a psycho ceramic!

Well, “The Hazel Nuts” jokes are better. lol

Do you want to submit an idea of something to share on one of our shows? Listen and learn how. And if you love bacon, you’ll love this week’s Sound Bite!

And while I’m here, my Windows, main broadcasting, production machine is still in the shop. I’m afraid it’s about like my car that’s, “always in the shop.” Those damhn feelers keep breaking off! Well, it’s the mother board which needs replacing, if there is one to be found. Otherwise, it’s a new computer with a hard drive enclosure.
So in all likelihood ,  I won’t be on Interactive or with new content on WQNA this week.
Nothing keeps me out of the kitchen! So don’t miss tonight’s show.
9:00P.M. EST.
http://acbradio.org/mainstream <http://acbradio.org/mainstream>

As a podcast later:
http://acbradio.org/hazelnuts.xml <http://acbradio.org/hazelnuts.xml>

Debbie Hazelton

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