[Radio-announce] It has returned! Wacky Wednesday on the Farm!

Tyler Juranek tylerpolkaman at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 13:10:30 EDT 2015

Hello everybody!
It is with great pleasure that I inform you that Wacky Wednesday on
the Farm is returning today!
What do we do on the show, you ask?
Well, to put it simply, we play a great deal of music (this year we
will try a new format), and, we have fun, and most of the time, Wacky
So what do you say? Come join the fun!
It all begins at 4 P.M Eastern, just after Alex Banwell and Worship Unlimmited!
To listen, visit the following URL.
Or, if you have the ACB Radio tuner, just push the interactive button,
and you will be there in no time!
Remember, you can also call 231-460-1047, and choose the interactive
button. (LD charges may apply).
Contact info will be given out during the program.

Hope to see you there!
Tyler Juranek

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