[Radio-announce] REMINDER: Speaking Out for the Blind- Request for Questions- Michigan’s First Blind Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein

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Wed Mar 11 17:02:26 EDT 2015

Hello Speaking Out for the Blind listeners, 

I will be interviewing Michigan’s newly elected and first Blind Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein on March 12th. 

The Washington Times says that Justice Bernstein has been blind since birth. Blindness didn’t keep the Justice from following his family’s footsteps into the legal profession. The Michigan Judiciary says that Bernstein championed disability rights as a legal assistant for his family’s law firm. That experience helped Bernstein earn the title as Michigan’s first blind Supreme Court Justice. 

Justice Bernstein will talk about his journey to the appointment to this high-ranking office. He’ll also talk about some of his first duties on the job. 

I welcome any questions that you may have for this guest, and I’ll read most, if not all of them on the air. 

Just reply to this message with the question, your name, and where you’re from. 

Deadline for submitting questions is Thursday March 12th at 6AM Pacific Time. 

Thank you. 

Brian McCallen 

Speaking Out for the Blind Producer and Host 

ACB Radio Mainstream 
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