[Radio-announce] More variety for relaxation and renewal "In The Quiet"

Debbie Hazelton iam at debbiehazelton.com
Tue May 26 18:09:14 EDT 2015

Mmmmmm! Would you like to sink into some enveloping, calming music? I found some relaxing classical, some more harp, and just more variety for us to enjoy “In The Quiet.”

If someone was offering you free money, would you take it? No strings attached, they’re just offering you this gift. And what is money, but a tool, a means by which we can take care of our own needs and wants, or assist others in doing so.

Likewise, “In The Quiet” is currency for our spirit, our well-being. It can help to lighten a sense of obligation, tiredness, give us greater, what you’ve heard me refer to as: “Elasticity of spirit/Spirit!” And with greater elasticity, we can stretch, bend, responding to life with greater flexibility! A longer fuse! Greater capacity for choice-making! What if more possibility thinking, more choices help to keep you better able to skim and  swim the waters of life, without getting splashed or dunked when least prepared?

It’s food for our soul!
Come and enjoy!
http://acbradio.org/interactive <http://acbradio.org/interactive>
7:00 P.M. EST.
Or call in:

By chance awake in the middle of the night tomorrow night?
Find a replay on WQNA FM The Edge, 88.3
http://wqna.org <http://wqna.org/>

Together we all make a positive difference!
That you show up, to this time, or in your life
it matters!

Debbie Hazelton
Check out my Debsite! :-)
http://debbiehazelton.com <http://debbiehazelton.com/>

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