[Radio-announce] a new dj has been born!

Mike Bernard mbern6516 at aol.com
Wed May 27 16:52:20 EDT 2015

Hello everyone!

This post is being transmitted over multiple mailing lists, so those of you
who are part of the Internet Radio Yahoo Groups Mailing List or the friends
and/or radio-announce mailing lists, might see email addresses to which you
might not recognize. No need to worry though, as these other email addresses
are legit. My name is Mike. A little over a month ago, I was hired as a dj
at ACBRI. I'm extremely excited to be here and be part of the team. 

Every week, starting this Wednesday night May 27, from 7 to 9:pm in the
eastern timezone,  you can tune in to hear all your favorite hits from the
70s through

today. That's right you heard correct, two hours of all your favorite hits

the 70s to the present, on The Best of Yesterday and Today with me, Mike B.
I'm not familiar with all the different timezones across the world, and UTC
makes no sense to me, so hopefully you can figure out when to tune in in
accordance to what time it is where you are.

During the show, We'll check out whose coming out with a new album, what

in music and entertainment history on the current day and who knows what
else. From

time to time, I may slip a comedy skit in for a laugh or two, and spin some

If you'd like to get in touch with me during the show as I hope you will,

there are a couple of ways you can do it. You can:

Contact me during the show by sending an email to:

mbern6516 at aol.com


You can call in via Skype and make your request, send out a song dedication
to that

special someone in your life, or just to say hi and interact; You know, just
be a

part of the show and shoot the breeze. Or you can give a shoutout to all
your friends

and family who you know are listening.

Unfortunately, due to the technical way my computer is set up, I can not put
you on the air,

but I could, that is if you'll let me, read a shoutout for you publically
over the air. For any of you who are listening overseas, if at all possible,
when you contact me, please speak English. If you don't speak English, you
can have someone who can speak both your language and English, submit the
email for you on your behalf. By saying this, please understand that I'm not
trying to be discriminative, it's just that I don't understand nor speak
Spanish, German, Italian or any other overseas languages. Well actually, I
do speak a little French, but I can not read nor write it, and I only know a
little, but not much that would really serve much purpose in a

My Skypename is smiley-guy218. For those of you reading this via a screen

That's S M I L E Y hyphen sign 218. All loercase. Be sure to use the hyphen

when searching for me on Skype. Due to the receiving of some rather strange
requests in the past, when you send me a Skype contact request, instead of
using the default message that Skype offers, please change this message and
use something more direct like, "Hi Mike, my name is (your name here), and
I'd like to connect with you on Skype." This way, I'll know that you're a
true listener and not a spammer or other suspicious type of person who means

You have Skype, but don't have a microphone?

No problem. we can also chat via the instant messenger feature in Skype.

I'm between shows you can reach me at anytime via the above email address,

mbern6516 at aol.com

So come one, come all! call, IM, or email your friends and family, then grab

pc, laptop, kindalfire, Ipad, Ipod ETC, and head over to:


If you're using a pc, you can click on the (click here to listen and choose
your media player of choice) link, or click on the (Play) link at the top of
the page that lists all the various media players and join me, Mike B, for
The Best of Yesterday

and Today. Right here on ACB Radio Interactive; where your listening really
is our

business! See you tonight. It's gonna be a blast!


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