[Radio-announce] FW: [leadership] Holiday Greetings under way, we would love to have yours from your groups! :-)

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Hi Everyone!


There are many ways to accomplish this task. The more creative, the more voices, the merrier!


I appreciate the interest and wonderful responses thus far! Keep them coming! I’m not so worried about that mid-November timing. Just please get them to me as soon as possible. Some have asked me how long it can or needs to be. You have room. They may average between a few seconds to a minute, but if some go longer, I’m not worried about this. It’s a new first-time project for all of us. Just, know that we want your group: affiliates, boards, committees on ACB Radio this holiday season if at all possible. Hey, it takes 2 or more to make a group or meeting, right? I know some of you are putting music together. Some are saying it with each voice 1 behind the other, some are saying it in a group. Some will use Dropbox, others, the Simplevoicebox number I first posted. 


For anyone wanting suggestions and details, you’ll find them below.


I want you to have fun with this and be excited to hear your group on ACB Radio. Yes! Yay! I’m so proud of all of us.


Any questions, find me any way you know how, or write to me at:

support at acbradio.org


In song, in spirit, in heart and joy of the season just around the corner,

Your ACB Radio cheer leader! lol

Debbie Hazelton


Suggestions and a repeat of details.


Holiday greetings will be aired on ACB Radio to begin Thanksgiving weekend, and will continue until January 2nd 2016. 


To participate:


1.      Get some of your members together by phone or in-person, 

2.        Recording can happen a myriad of ways. Remember the ACB Radio lounge is there using Team Talk and it does have recording capability.  <http://mandrillapp.com/track/click/30489975/acbradio.org?p=eyJzIjoibGJMb2M0a09mZU9ESGRjWmR2aTEwbUN5R19zIiwidiI6MSwicCI6IntcInVcIjozMDQ4OTk3NSxcInZcIjoxLFwidXJsXCI6XCJodHRwOlxcXC9cXFwvYWNicmFkaW8ub3JnXFxcL2xvdW5nZVwiLFwiaWRcIjpcImJjNzBmODMyODZjNzQzYmM4NWJlYTZjYTMyOTE0NzA3XCIsXCJ1cmxfaWRzXCI6W1wiOWRmNDg3ODhkMjRkNzlhNTQ1NWIxNjBhMTJhZTUyZDdlYzc5OWQwNlwiXX0ifQ> MailFilterGateway has detected a possible fraud attempt from "mandrillapp.com" claiming to be http://acbradio.org/lounge

3.       Another option is to record it yourself using a Free Conference Pro number, edit it out of your meeting recording and get it to me via a dropbox link, if we don’t already share a dropbox, or as an email attachment.

4.       Use Skype Out or 3-way calling and submit it via the simpleVoiceBox number:

(641) 715-3900
Enter the extension: 428193, followed by the pound sign. 

I’ll edit it from there.

Or, you may create, edit and send it to me via email as an attachment. My email is: iam at debbiehazelton.com


5.      Some suggestions of what to say: 

“Happy holidays from (name of affiliate) 

“Hello from (affiliate name) We want to wish everyone (group say ---) 


If you can get several voices in beyond your affiliate name for the actual greeting or message, 

we want to hear our thriving organization in numbers, vibrancy and sound!


We are getting ready to launch a new show on ACB Radio, to involve affiliates each month! Let’s get this ball rolling by ushering in a new year  with a cacophony of ACB voices from throughout our organization! 


You never know when a listener might hear the name of your affiliate and reach out to join, learn, or contribute financially.


We hope to have your participation.


Debbie Hazelton,

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