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Ophthalmologist Dr. Inder P. Singal – Wed November 11th 10:30PM Eastern/7:30PM Pacific 

Happy Veteran’s Day Speaking Out for the Blind listeners! Don’t forget to listen to tonight’s ALL-NEW informative and inspiring episode. The 411 on this new episode is below. 

Dr. Inder P. Singal, an ophthalmologist at Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers in Louisville, Kentucky, joins us to talk about the vision issues of his patients. This isn’t just a lecture about vision problems. Dr. Singal plans to discuss how he finds the mysterious, secret, unique, and underlying causes of these issues. Dr. Singal will also talk about how he, wearing scrubs and boots, treated aid workers, police officers, and firefighters at the scene during the 9/11 attacks in New York. 

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