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Hello Main Menu listeners!

In this week’s episode of Main Menu, we are interviewing Eric Bridges, the newly-appointed Executive Director of ACB. He sheds a lot of great info including his background, his work just out of college along with his affiliation with what is now ACBS, and the job opportunity which eventually led to his new position with ACB. You’ll also hear about his accomplishments with regards to the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, the Pedestrian Safety and Enhancement Act, and Prescription Drug Labeling Act. There is more to his story, but you’ll have to listen to soak up the finer details. He has a lot going on, so it was a pleasure and honor to have him as our guest this week

Next, there’s a new app about to hit the iOS App Store. Android users, I know how frustrating it may feel to be second on the list, but I assure you this app is coming to Android soon. We speak with Stephanie Cowper of BeSpecular, the company behind this so-named app. Given the competitive field in which this app hopes to captivate, you may feel the story is familiar, but wait, there are some intriguing details that may have your curiosity bubbling with anticipation. Wondering about the name? You’ll learn about that, too — creativity with a scientific twist.

It’s all ready for you Friday night at 9PM Eastern. Listen on ACB Radio Mainstream:


Or listen from your iOS device using the new ACB Link app. Those who want to listen by phone, call

(605) 475-8130

Thank you for being with us!
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